Monday, 27 August 2007

Updates: New Signals Page, New Story

Just modified my "Trading Setups" page (see link above) to include columns for the latest signals. I'll update those as we go. Also, check the "Alex Roslin's articles" link for a story I did in today's Montreal Gazette newspaper: "Is the market shakeup over yet?"


rjkoberna said...

Hello Alex,
I have be trying to set up spreadsheets as you have instructed. However, I cannot seem to find the SD and MA for the Large Spec. and the Commercials. If you could, let me know where this information is, so I can put it in my spreadsheets.

Thanks again.

Alex Roslin said...

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your email. You have to create these columns yourself. They aren't provided in the COTs reports. Use Excel's AVERAGE and STDEV functions to do so.

You can also download my Russell 2000 spreadsheet at the link at to see how to set up such a spreadsheet.