Monday, 24 December 2007

Mess of New & Renewed Signals

Wow! A whole mess of interesting new and renewed signals from last Friday's Commitments of Traders report. Take a look at the table on my "Latest Signals" page (see link in the Navigation bar on the right), which I updated yesterday with all the gory details. I'll be back to my regular posting schedule later this week. Hope you have a great holiday, and best wishes for the New Year!


Anonymous said...

Hi, how do I read it when you said USD is bearish? Bearish against which currency?
Similarly for GBP? Bullish against which currency?

Alex Roslin said...

Hi Fred,

My setup is for the U.S. Dollar Index (which weighs the U.S. dollar against major trading partner currencies). The pound contract trades on the CME in the U.S. - paired with the U.S. dollar.


avocade said...

Great info. Btw, how's the Euro index coming together? Would be a great indicator for us Europeans in the audience to follow.

Happy new year!