Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Gold "Smart Money" Large Specs: Super-Bullish

Just posted my new gold setup specs and results on my Latest Signals page table based on trading on the same side as the large speculators in futures and options. All the details are on that table so enterprising readers can recreate this one for yourselves. You may recall I revised my gold setup just a few weeks ago. Why another change? The last setup I was using was based on tests of the COTs data with no trade delay for execution of the signal. I've only now had a chance to go over results for delaying the trade, and the new setup I'm going to start using has an even better record of past profitability and statistical robustness. After this round of updates and refining of all my setups, I don't plan to revisit them before about a year, although I'll probably take another look at them in about six months just to see how my various measures are working in terms of robustness. Ideally, if the setups are indeed robust, I won't have to change many of them in a year's time.

So what's the new gold setup doing now? It just flipped to bullish with the Jan. 22 COTs report. The setup works with a two-week trade delay, meaning execution was for the open of trading Monday, Feb. 11. Works for me! Incidentally, the large specs haven't been this bullish in absolute terms since early Jan. 2006. In relative terms, compared to recent data, they've not been so bullish since the July 24 COTs report. Hope American readers had a good long weekend, and good luck this week!

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