Sunday, 13 December 2009

Traders Sour on Financials

Wow - lots of interesting new developments from the latest Commitments of Traders report released Friday afternoon. The data that shows trader positioning in major markets has given me a signal to go to cash in my trading setup for the BKX U.S. Bank Index, after a five-week bullish signal. The data for that setup has suddenly gone seriously bearish, but the trade delays for that setup are such that the setup hasn't gone bearish yet. Also, the new weekly data has given my other setups a whole bunch of other potential new signals. Check out the changes on my newly updated latest signals table. I'm still on vacation so I haven't had a chance to write a more detailed analysis. Sorry about that! But the new numbers - and all that red and green - on the latest signals table speaks for itself in many ways. Good luck this week! I'll be back in my office in a week with my usual, more detailed reports.

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Joe said...

Interesting signals on the financials. I'm inclined to believe that we won't see any big sell-offs for the rest of the year, fund managers need to preserve the big index gains across the board.
Maybe we're seeing the groundwork for a profit-taking selloff after everyone gets back from vacation next year? I think the reflation trade has run its course.