Friday, 10 December 2010

Stopped Out of S&P 500 Short Trade

I've been stopped out of my S&P 500 short position. As usual when something like this happens, I'll be looking at the charts to go in the opposite direction because it means an unusually strong trend.


Denali92 said...

It has been a STUNNING move since the COT data turned bearish!

I must admit I was certain we would see a correction in November that would fill a lot of the unfilled gaps down below, but this market has a different agenda and is trading in a manner that I have never seen before (specifically, the closing weak and then gapping and go-ing!

When was the last time the COT signal failed and you were stopped?

Did the market continue then as well?



Alex Roslin said...

Hi Denali,

There are lots of failed signals in real-time trading and the backtesting in the various markets I'm trading. The goal is to have more and bigger wins and fewer and smaller losses over the long run. To see examples of where moves failed, download the S&P 500 spreadsheet.

You can take a look through older posts to see the last time I got stopped out. I don't remember when it happened, but there was one a few months ago. Don't recall what happened afterward. Sorry!

For more on failed signals, see my FAQs page.