Monday, 14 March 2011

Nikkei Bullish, Gold to Cash, Bearish on Bonds

The latest Commitments of Traders numbers are in, and here are my new signals from my latest signals table: gold goes to cash on Monday's open of trading, Nikkei goes to bullish, and the 30-year Treasury bond goes to bearish. Check out the signals table for more details on the latest COT data and my other trading setups based on this weekly data. I'm temporarily away from my office for a few weeks, so apologies for not updating my portfolio page and the lack of more detailed reports here. Good luck this coming week!


In Debt We Trust said...

Nikkei bullish after the tsunami and nuclear meltdown threats? I think Japan is a bit oversold but would wait a bit longer to assess the extent of the damage. Perhaps another week or two. Given the record amount of money the BOJ is printing the stock market is likely to go up. Then again, deflationary pressures remain strong.

I_Got_Prechterized said...

ouch Nikkei bullish. I hope you passed on that trade.

A Peak Under The Hood said...

Nikkie bullish was a massive mistake. wow how could smart money be so wrong?

Alex Roslin said...


Thanks to readers for the comments related to the Nikkei. Might have seemed like a bad move earlier this week, but the purchase happened after big gap down, and the position is now in the money.

Also note that the COT data signaled the bullish trade long before the tsunami - not after.

Either way, a losing trade or two isn't much for me to get worried about. See my FAQs page for my views on losing trades.