Sunday, 29 July 2012

Copper to Cash, Bond Bearish

Two signals take effect on the coming week's open of trading based on the latest Commitments of Traders report: copper goes to cash after two weeks bearish, and the 30-year Treasury bond goes bearish (meaning yields would go up, if the signal is correct).

All other signals remain the same: bullish for SPX and silver, bearish for NDX and natural gas, and cash for the other markets I follow.

See the detailed trader positioning from the CFTC's COT data on my newly updated latest signals table. Good luck this week!


Robert Gauvey said...

ck out
Incorporating your approach into the COT Wizard Software might appeal to you...

Floyd Upperman said...

Its nice to see people making use of the COT reports these days. For years we had just one COT report. Today there are 4 COT reports published weekly and many new categories as well. Personally, I find the dealer category (sell side) in the Traders in Financial Futures (TFF) COT report to be extremely useful when combined with the traditional COT (buy side) in U.S. stock indices, currencies, and the forex.

Floyd Upperman

Alex Roslin said...

Hi Floyd,

Thanks very much for your comment and the suggestion. I'll be sure to take a look at that!

By the way, I enjoyed your book on the COT data very much. I've just added your website to my Blogroll.

Thanks for being in touch.

Best regards,

Alex Roslin said...

Hi again Floyd,

Have you found a way to combine those two datasets to get trading signals without relying on price data?