Thursday, 19 July 2007

COTs Timer Featured in Canadian Journal of Technical Analysis

The inaugural issue of the Canadian Journal of Technical Analysis is out with a story by yours truly on my Commitments of Traders-based trading system.

The journal is available at this point only to members of the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts, so I can't publish the piece here. Sorry! The same issue also features a story by Don Vialoux, author of the excellent website, featuring his unique blend of seasonality, technical and fundamental analysis. His focus: the Dow Jones industrials.

If you've read my story in that journal and you haven't visited this site before, please be aware that I've refined many of my trading setups and put them through an extensive process of system validation since writing that piece. Check the explanatory links above for more details, particularly the "Trading Setups" link. Also be sure to review the notes to that table.

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