Saturday, 26 November 2011

Holiday Delay - A Few New Signals

Hope U.S. readers had a yummy turkey last week. The holiday delay means Friday's Commitments of Traders report will come out Monday, so I'll only update my latest signals table after that. But there are still a few signals taking effect on Monday's open based on data until now. To whit:

- S&P 500: Goes from cash to bearish
- Crude oil: Goes from cash to bearish
- Natural gas: Goes from bearish to bullish
- 30-year Treasury bond: Goes from bullish to cash

These signals are all marked on my signals table. But please note that I haven't updated the rest of that table, including the column for the coming week's "current signal," because of the holiday-delayed data. Thus, the signals in that column are for last week. Have a good weekend, and see you back here after Monday's data release.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Copper to Cash, Bond Bullish

Two signals taking effect this coming week's open of trading: copper goes to cash, while the 30-year Treasury bond goes bullish. See my newly updated latest signals table for more details on these and the other markets I follow using the weekly Commitments of Traders reports.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Trader Data Good for Nikkei, Bad for Gas, Toss-up for Bond

Some signals taking effect on this week's open: the Nikkei goes to bullish, natural gas goes to bearish and the 30-year Treasury bond goes to cash. See my newly updated latest signals table for more details on trader positioning in these and other markets as reported in the weekly Commitments of Traders reports.

The S&P 500 data is notably striking lately, with the "smart money" commercial hedgers getting highly bearish in their net positioning as a percentage of the total open interest, while the not-so-smart small traders remain super-bullish (whose signal I fade in my setup). My setup goes bearish the week of Nov. 28. What could it mean? These traders seem to be betting the cock-up in Europe gets even worse.

But meanwhile, the data for copper looks interesting too. The setup for the "smartest metal" remains bearish another week, then goes to cash. The data has just now also turned bullish, which historically has tended to mean price rises starting six to eight weeks down the line, depending on the trader group.

Hope you stay out of trouble this week! See you back here Friday.

Holiday Delay

Friday's Commitments of Traders report is delayed until today due to a holiday delay with Remembrance Day. See you back here later today with a post about the latest weekly trader data. Meanwhile, as you'll see on my latest signals table, my natural gas trading setup goes from cash to bearish on this morning's open of trading owing to data from recent weeks.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

BKX, Gas to Cash, Bond Bullish, Late Nov. Doldrums in Sight for SPX

Signals taking effect on Monday's open: cash for the BKX U.S. Bank Index and natural gas, and bullish for the 30-year Treasury bond. To see more details on these markets and for other signals taking effect in coming weeks, check my newly updated latest signals table based on Friday's trader positioning as reported in the weekly Commitments of Traders report. Hint: New signal coming up for SPX, and it doesn't look good for bulls, no sir. Good luck this week!