Wednesday, 8 August 2007

COTs Doubled Gold's Price Rise

Up and down, up and down. Pass the Gravol! The markets lately feel like training for the space program.

I've just updated a table showing my running results and signals for my gold trading setup based on the Commitments of Traders reports. Despite the recent turbulence, my setup still beat buying-and-holding gold by 99.5 percent (click link to see table):

COTs Two-Timed Gold

The latest results are based on gold's open on Monday, July 30. See for more details on my precious metals outlook built around the COTs reports, which are issued free each week by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alex,

Am I reading your spreadsheet correctly? Your profit 5/29/07 todate is a little down at -.97%?

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise.


Alex Roslin said...

That was the result as of the open on July 31. Although I traded it with the XGD setup, which is up slightly (0.63 percent) right now.


Alex Roslin said...

That should have said the result was good as of the open July 30 - not the 31st.