Friday, 14 November 2008

Japan Turning Up? And Maybe Gold Too

A few interesting new signals from this afternoon's Commitments of Traders data for my trading setups: long Nikkei and gold, short copper and cash for the BKX U.S. Bank Index. All those signals are for execution on Monday's open, except for gold, which setup works with a two-week trade delay, so execution is for Dec. 1. Check my latest signals page for all the details. The new copper signal I will ignore because of my Highly Correlated Markets Rule, which says I'll take a new signal in a group of correlated markets if the majority is giving the same signal. In the case of copper, that's not the case. My system is long crude and silver but short gold, while platinum is in cash. Also, as of Monday, my Black Swan Rule expires, which means I am back to trading new signals. Confused? See more about how all this works at my intro page and glossary page and more on my risk-control rules at my how it works page. Have a great weekend. Also tune in next week for an update to my S&P 500 trading setup. I've been tweaking my evaluation method for choosing best setups and am starting with a new, improved one for SPX.

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