Monday, 8 December 2008

Long Dow Industrials

Just updated my portfolio page to reflect my current positions based on my COTs Timer strategy. I was long the Nikkei from a few weeks ago and just put on a long Dow Jones industrials position this morning shortly after the open. My stop is just below the highs of Dec. 3 and 4 at $29.49 for the DDM ProShares Dow ETF. I've made a couple of changes in how I'll report my positioning. I'll just be reporting the gain or less and dropping my position sizes. I don't think that's as meaningful now that I'm doing some discretionary trading on the side again. The position sizes also reflect technical considerations - i.e., where my stop is - rather than the maximum portfolio allocations for my system. I'll include trades on this page if I executed them any time during the week following a new signal. (To read more about why I'm temporarily changing the way I trade my system, see this post.) Good luck this week!

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