Friday, 24 July 2009

Mixed News Next Week: Banks Still Have Fire, S&P 500 Out of Gas

New results and signals are now up on my latest signals table. The S&P 500 is going back to cash on Monday's open, and natural gas, after a nice little run, is sadly going to cash on the following Monday's open, Aug. 3. Crude is still on track for a bullish run, now to last three weeks at least, starting Aug. 10.
The BKX U.S. Bank Index is still on fire and looking hotly bullish for a third week in a row. And more bullish news for the Nikkei, too. Oh yes, and the 30-year Treasury data is starting to line up quite bullishly (meaning the yield to decline), though not ready to move yet. But another disappointing week for gold bugs: My setup has been in cash for a while, and now the data's gotten even less bullish. See you early next week with more, including a portfolio update. That should be fun! Hope you have a great weekend.


In Debt We Trust said...

$115 billion in Treasury auctions next week although only the 20 year TIPS are on the longer end of the curve.

I imagine the TIPS should catch a good bid as who in their right mind doesn't think the US is going to experience inflation in the next 20 years w/all the money the US govt is printing?

Still, that's a huge amount.

In Debt We Trust said...

I have found this site helpful in determining the bull/bear ratios (a reference to the option volume).

Alex Roslin said...

Thanks, In Debt... I just added that one to my links.