Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Tom DeMark Indicators 101

Faithful readers have seen me mentioning analyst Tom DeMark and his interesting trading indicators. If you've ever wondered about his system but weren't sure how it works, check out this story I did in the November 2009 issue of Stocks, Futures and Options Magazine. I first read about DeMark on trader and money manager Steven Vita's excellent site. (Also see his free blog here.) Thanks, Stephen! I use some of DeMark's indicators - particularly his TDST support and resistance lines - extensively in my discretionary trading. Hope you're faring well this week, and see you back here Friday with a Commitments of Traders update.


jesuscheung said...

Hi COTs Timer! I use this indicator myself for months now. I think it is very good. Have you tried to apply this indicator to COT data?

Alex Roslin said...

I've thought about it, but never tried. Good idea!

Maumaj said...

I heard of DeMark thanks to you, in early 2009 and use it constantly. Your recent article made me realize I was omitting a few minor elements that will probably make a difference.

The best site I had found was The Daily DeMark by Daniel Patterson but one day the site was closed without prior notice. I've searched to find out what had happened but to no avail. I sure would like to see Daniel back on line. I hope he is well.

I appreciate your work and take your research into account on all my investment decisions. Thank you for sharing,