Monday, 15 February 2010

Banks, Natural Gas to Cash

New signals and data are now up on my latest signals table based on Friday's Commitments of Traders report. New signals to report: My trading setups for U.S. banks and natural gas both go from bullish to cash on this week's open of trading. Be sure to check out the latest signals table for more details about what the data is doing now.
In other news, my setup for the S&P 500 is still on track for turning bullish in a week's time (on Feb. 22). My gold setup remains bullish, while my setup for the Nikkei is still bearish.

My 30-year Treasury bond and crude oil setups are both in cash, although crude will go bullish on March 8. Sorry for the late update. Hope you did well last week and that you'll do even better this week. For Canadian and U.S. readers, hope you have a good holiday today. Tune in Tuesday for an update of my portfolio page.

1 comment:

Joseph said...

Thanks for the warning, I appreciate the feeback. Looking to sell some positions Tue/Wed Feb 16th

Thaks as always