Sunday, 17 April 2011

Gas Goosed? S&P 500 Snookered? Narley Nikkei?

Here are my latest signals from my COTs Timer trading system, as of Friday's Commitments of Traders report from the good ol' CFTC (see my latest signals table for more details):

- S&P 500: Signal goes from bullish to cash on Monday's open of trading, then to bearish on the open the week of May 2.

- BKX U.S. Bank Index: Still in cash.

- Crude oil: Ditto (still in cash).

- Gold: Ditto again.

- Nikkei: Goes from cash to bullish on Monday's open.

- Natural gas: Goes from cash to bearish on Monday's open.

- 30-year Treasury bond: Still bearish. Goes to cash on the open the week of May 2.

Good luck this week! Check out my newly updated portfolio page with my current holdings and recently closed results. Sorry for not updating that in a while. We were on vacation in Isla Mujeres (Mexico) - beautiful place!

Readers might be interested in my random musings on the markets at The Montreal Gazette's web site (see here), where I'm covering the newspaper's $21,000 Stock Market Challenge. It's open only to Quebec residents of majority age, but if you're one of those and haven't still entered, you should. All entrants are eligible for a weekly $500 random draw. If you're not eligible, check it out anyway. I'm playing along myself, too, though I can't win any of the prizes. (Some silliness about conflict of interest... blahblahblah.)

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In Debt We Trust said...

Interesting comment on the May 2 date. The week before on 4/27 to be exact, the FOMC is going to issue their statement. NOT mentioning anything about further bond purchases (POMO and QE 3) can be interpreted as the risk trade being negative. However, benchmark interest rates are still likely to be maintained unchanged.