Monday, 26 September 2011

Banks Go to Cash, Gas Still Bearish

Only one new signal for execution on next week's open. My setup for the benchmark BKX U.S. Bank Index, which was bearish last week, goes to cash on Monday. My other bearish signal - for natural gas - stays bearish this coming week. Everything else is in cash this week.

My newly updated signals table based on the Commitments of Traders data also includes two bearish signals coming down the pipeline for mid-October. My setup for crude oil goes from cash to bearish on the open of Oct. 10 based on bearish positioning by the commercial hedgers and small traders (both of which are the "smart money" in this market). Also, I've finally included more details about my new setup for copper on that table. That setup goes bearish on Oct. 17 because of bearish positioning by the large speculators and small traders.

Reader feedback time: I'm curious how you use the COT data in your trading. Also, what are you doing that's working - and that isn't working - these days?

Good luck this week!


Apple Al said...

I trade the ES almost exclusively, although I do dabble in currencies, gold & silver at times. I watch your COT on the S&P and gold, in the S&P I may go heavier on an ES position if your work supports a trade in a particular direction. On gold I will initiate a position if your work and mine jive. BTW great stuff on gold over the summer.
What am I doing that's working? Check it out:

Alex Roslin said...

Thanks Apple Al. Your method looks interesting. How are the apples looking this year?

Have a good day,

Apple Al said...

Alex- Nice crop this year but two weeks late, probably won't be able to get it all in before a freeze. Fortunately the crop is only about 5% of our sales, our main business is fresh sliced apples which we run year around.
BTW that web page I gave you is a sub-page to my main log site if you're interested
I had big ambitions on this blog when I set it up but unfortunately don't have time to maintain it well.

Alex Roslin said...

Good luck!