Saturday, 26 November 2011

Holiday Delay - A Few New Signals

Hope U.S. readers had a yummy turkey last week. The holiday delay means Friday's Commitments of Traders report will come out Monday, so I'll only update my latest signals table after that. But there are still a few signals taking effect on Monday's open based on data until now. To whit:

- S&P 500: Goes from cash to bearish
- Crude oil: Goes from cash to bearish
- Natural gas: Goes from bearish to bullish
- 30-year Treasury bond: Goes from bullish to cash

These signals are all marked on my signals table. But please note that I haven't updated the rest of that table, including the column for the coming week's "current signal," because of the holiday-delayed data. Thus, the signals in that column are for last week. Have a good weekend, and see you back here after Monday's data release.


Henry said...


Since you do not have the FED report yet.

Base on the Technical SPX /Dow chart. There is a good chance the "stock market" would bounce back up on the short term. i.e. week of Nov 28

Not trying to interject what your signals here. Just offer another angle, that is all.

Hard to see through the fog of Europe now a day. If anyone open their mouth. All bets are off. lol


Wendy788 said...

I'm new to the site and have been paper trading some of these signals. I need to make sure I'm on the same page. The column labeled "Next Pending Signals (execution date for next signal in brackets)" means, that is the date you execute the trade and go bullish or bearish or cash, correct? For example: today, November 28, for Copper, you stayed cash from November 21, so that means you are not in the position, correct? Also, for today, (November 28) you were bullish on November 21, for 30-yr US. Treasury (did you enter/execute a position then Nov. 21? and now (Nov. 28) you are cash, so does that mean you cashed out/sold the position this morning for the US.?


Wendy788 said...

Alex you can email me the answer off the blog if you wish.

thank you,

Reza said...

any updates on the latest signals


Alex Roslin said...

Hi dear readers,

Wendy: I think the confusion resulted from the holiday-delayed report of last week. Check the table now, and see if it's clearer.

Reza: Sorry about missing my update on Monday!

Henry: I agree - a bounced seemed due technically speaking, and in fact that's what happened, contrary to the COT signal for the S&P 500.