Monday, 23 January 2012

Copper to Cash; Going for Gold and Gas

Three signals take effect on today's open of trading based on my COTs Timer strategy: cash for copper and bullish for gold and natural gas. Sorry about the last-minute update this week. I'm away in Costa Rica! Beautiful place, and very nice people, but oh so very hot! Check my latest signals table for more details on these and my other setups. Good luck this week.


ahnn said...

That's good news. 2012 has been very good for gold. Have a happy vacation. :)

Nancy said...


Your analysis on the depth of the market is interesting. I wanted to know if you are using only excel for your signals or another graphical tool?

Alex Roslin said...

Hi guys,

Thanks for your kind words. Yes, Nancy, I am using Excel for signals and for much of the backtesting.

Best regards,