Thursday, 31 January 2008

New Story: "Bullish Signal for Gold Stocks"

Apologies for not filing my promised post here with more details on last Friday's Commitments of Traders report. I've been occupied with refining my trading setups, and time just slipped away. Sorry! For your reading entertainment, I thought I'd at least include a link to my report for this week at on the bullion scene and the greenback. It's titled "Bullish Signal for Gold Stocks." Click here to check that out. I'll be back here Friday with my usual weekly signals, if not sooner with more announcements about revised trading setups based on the COTs data. Good luck this week!

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GY said...

I have read your recent setup for Gold and Silver. These are good ones. Gold and silver, and their stocks, ETF funds, and Mutual Funds have preformed so well during the current correction. Now Gold reached its highest prices in the history, and started a minor correction. This is a good time to get in, especially silver that will zoom up pretty soon. Thanks for the good call from COTS data.
GY Zhao