Monday, 16 June 2008

Filled! Long Silver, Short Natgas, Financials, RUT, Sold NDX

Just updated my portfolio page with trades based on my latest signals. See Friday's post below for all the details. Good luck this week!


Guo Ying said...

This time, your buy signal on silver is so accurate that you are right on the money. Today silver has up for 3.25%. Congratulation!

Anonymous said...


Great call on shorting the Financials and Russell 2000! Was the signal that clear? I noticed you didn't short any Nat Gas...just went to cash; don't you think it's still highly correlated with Oil?


Alex Roslin said...

Hi Pete,

Oops - I just neglected to include that nat gas short position on my portfolio page (7% of total assets). I will correct that right now. Natural gas isn't highly correlated with any other market.


nonsumdignus said...

While the financials and Russell call was accurate this week, it was WAY off last week (and the week prior). Both were in timed to perfect opposition to market movements.

I'm happy to see the signal work this time, though ;-)

Alex Roslin said...

Hi Nonsumdignus,

Even if the signals were right this week (so far) and any previous signals were wrong, that's pretty much irrelevant to my mind. Just take a look at the wins/losses column on my Latest Signals table to note that all the setups have some past losses, and I expect they'll have losses in the future. That's the same in all trading, whether mechanical or discretionary.

It doesn't interest me very much if one particular trade works or doesn't. What interests me is if the setup is good or not. Emotions will kill you in trading, and I like this approach because the emotions are taken right out. But hey, that's just me.

I learned a long time ago I need a trading system that works over the long run and that I can trust, and then to stick to it.