Thursday, 14 May 2009

Check Out My New Latest Signals Table

I've just rejigged my latest signals and results table to break out the information into two separate tables. I wanted to be able to give more information on the weekly Commitments of Traders data, but my table was getting quite large and unwieldy. Surf over to my latest signals and results page and check out the brand new signals table. It includes a breakdown of the positioning of traders each week and lots more new information. Hope this makes things more handy for you all. I've also increased the font size a little on the backtested results table's notes for readability purposes. See you back here after tomorrow's new COT release. Good luck for the remainder of this whacky week. Your thoughts on the new format are welcome.


Joseph said...

Hi, I have been following your site for quite some time and I would like to just say thank you for your help. My family and I appreciate your work very much so.
Take care and all the best

Anonymous said...

Just a comment about the terms smart and dumb and really dumb money. Not good terms to use, disclaimers aside, because these terms are loaded with assumptions, judgements and perceptions. What's smart one day may be dumb the next, and vice versa, so lay off the terms. The market is a place where people's desires and fears clash, with fierce overlays of news and PR. Your conclusions may be valid for a day or two, then something else comes along, and it's out the window.

Alex Roslin said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for your comment. I have to say I'm not totally comfortable with those terms too, partly because I don't want to belittle people, especially anyone who's losing money out there. As well, sometimes the traders who are typically leaning the wrong way are doing so because they are trend-followers, not because they're necessarily dumb. They may often quickly bail out when the market goes against them.

But the fact is there are some traders who are consistently wrongly positioned, and others who are consistently well-positioned. As well, those terms are a common way for people writing about the Commitments of Traders data to explain terms that are confusing and complicated to most people out there. So I'm of two minds about the terms. I'll think about what you said though. Thanks.

Best regards,